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SChristian Pescatori is a professional instructor in safe and sport driving courses on behalf of Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Abarth


The course teaches how to cope with all conditions and control the car in all situations, while acquiring new skills for greater safety on the road. As safety driving instructor, Christian’s task is to improve the participants’ skills by providing all the tools and techniques needed for increasing driver’s attention level. Being aware of the dangers, learning how to react in the appropriate way instead of simply relying on instinct, is fundamental in order to control the car in total safety. During these courses, Christian will be alongside each participant to share their driving experience and ensure a result of excellence.


If you are a car enthusiast and your desire is to drive a racecar, or experience the performance of a GT car, the sport driving course is just the one for you.
You will be able to experience the thrill of racing car driving, measure your evaluation and decision skills, and put to the test your concentration. Adrenaline, thrills and total involvement are the key features of the courses. Christian’s task is to provide the necessary tools for transforming this driving experience into a challenge and win it. He will provide step-by-step theoretical and practical training and oversee your driving while giving valuable advice.

Coach driver

Christian’s tasks include organizing, planning and managing the activities of professional drivers competing in championships of different categories and classes. He develops the race strategy and provides all the technical support necessary to the drivers for the competition by making available to them his racing experience. One of his coaching responsibilities is to support the drivers from the psychological point of view through a special motivation course aimed at making them express at best the potential that each one has, along, obviously, with their great passion for the races.

Team Manager

Another of the activities performed with great dedication by Christian’s is that of team manager, which includes managing and organizing the team, defining the race strategies and tactics, and coordinating all activities, both in the workshop and on the race track. Dependability, problem-solving and management skills are the distinctive qualities that allow him to successfully perform his job.